Monday, September 13, 2010

What you -need- is a swift kick in the ass

Mattese, member of First Platoon, Hydraxis-US

Decent enough healer. At the end of Oculus, for whatever reason, stands around and waits until near the end of the loot timer to roll need on Gauntlets of Dragon Wrath (ret, they have no ret spec), and Ley-Guardian's Legguards (they are wearing i264 tanking pants).

I have a single finger for this behavior, after they slacked off and lingered behind in order to skin mobs, pulled drakes onto the group while we were engaged with constructs (we waited a LONG time for her to fly her sorry butt to the fight, to start)...

Just ugh. Yes, I have a special hate for these kinds of people. And a finger. I'll let you guess which one.

(While looking at tags, I realize that ALL of them could be labeled "wtf". I don't get people like this.)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Khfan from US-Antonidas!

Thanks for leaving BEFORE the first boss in Heroic FoS! Jackass.
Not all tank fails are due to skill. After a round of PUG'ing, I realized that some tank fails are due to complete and utter rudeness.

Nicronia, of the guild Running With Scissors, on US-Nazgrel

Is a prime example. She's actually a very good DK tank. I was impressed, even. Until we killed James Brown (first boss in Heroic FoS - Bronjahm) and the axe "Nighttime" dropped. The hunter and the DK both roll need on it. The hunter wins. The tank immediately drops group without a word.

It's not like this was a bad PUG. No one had died, DPS was keeping up on par, no one was pulling for her. In fact, it was the most perfect PUG I'd been in, for quite a while. Until she had her little "I didn't win need on the axe" tissy fit.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Who's an assmonkey?! You are, yes you are! *cheekpinch*

Thanks for being a total ass-monkey -

Molatov of the guild Cartoon Nightmares, on the US-Nazgrel realm

All started out well enough, and his tanking skills were fine enough. Heroic Culling of Stratholme. We get to the gauntlet leading to Mal'ganis. We clear the first half, no troubles. At the second half, the tank goes running ahead. He leaves some mobs behind beating on the casters, and he pulls too many for his squishy dead body to handle. Subsequently, we wipe. Well, the healer survives, but with the nature of the gauntlet, it doesn't matter. They can't res us.

We all run back in. The healer DC's. He's DC'd once before and come back, so I've gotta give Edd the Tree from Wyrmrest Accord the benefit of the doubt.

The tank runs in and is pussy-foot approaching the gauntlet. One of our DPS points out that we don't have a conscious healer. The tank, Mr. Molatov, goes ahead and engages in combat and then drops group.

This is asshole behavior, folks. Thankfully, none of the three DPS attacked anything, so we didn't suffer a secondary wipe at the hands of this jackass tank. (At the same time, the group kicks out the DC'd healer - which means this group is done because they are not going to wait the 15m average for a new tank/healer. Sure enough, the other two DPS drop group after less than 5m in queue.)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Storytime aka Why the LFD Tool Will Never Work Well

Here are some stories that span approximately 24-48 hours of playtime, from one player. Either Summer brings out the abject stupid in people, or people have figured out that there are enough fail'tards out there that it's impossible for the good players to kick them all. (Like Soulmonger, the 400dps DK in Heroic Oc. I could not vote kick him because he "cannot be kicked for 26 minutes". That's a major failure of the system. Up to that point, I had only ever initiated a vote kick on ONE other person since the LFD kick changes with 3.3.5.)


Starting with last night : I'm on a hunter alt, in Mara. Viletongue (that satyr guy) drops his mail enhance shammy or hunter legs. I lose them to a druid. Another dps points out that those are mail - druid says nothing, I drop group.
This happens a LOT. Like the hunter who rolled on caster cloth shoulders in SFK, or the warrior who rolled need on a caster offhand (also in SFK!). Part of me wishes they'd extend the need-before-greed ruleset they use for WotLK dungeons to the lower levels. But, it's just another system that wouldn't work well because of the playerbase.

 Today, I'm on a priest alt. In SM Armory. We have another druid in cat form in this pug. I start noticing that she's doing nothing... so I inspect her. She's balance spec. She keeps sitting down beside me in cat form. I go, "Why aren't you dpsing in balance if you're specced for it, and why aren't you dpsing at all?" Her response to my first part of that question was "I like cats" and to the rest - she just "laughed" and /walked around. It wouldn't let me kick her (kept saying "this player cannot be kicked for x amount of minutes") and finally I said, "Seriously, start doing something or I'm leaving." (I was the healer.) Someone else says, "There's vote kick, you know?" and I told them that it wasn't allowing me to kick her out yet - a few minutes later, I was able to and she was gone.
 Please note that the OTHER members of the party were not willing to kick this useless baggage that was tagging along for the free ride. Guess what? If you aren't going to be the one to pull the trigger, just sit there and stfu instead of pointing out "the gun is right there". And miss "I like cats" - you're the reason PUG'ing is such an awful experience. Please immediately go slam your mouse hand in a car door repeatedly. Then, at least, you'll have some excuse.

Madisona of the guild Deadly Rainfalls on the US-Quel'dorei realm

I mean you. I went to Miss Madisona's Armory Page to see just how bad it was. It was REALLY bad. She's fully invested in the Balance tree, and apparently rolling on and wearing a majority of stam/agi gear. Boomkin spec? You're doing it wrong.

Oh.. I think this one was yesterday too. I'm in SM Armory on my hunter alt and a pair of leather pants drop that are BoEs. I roll need, saying "I'm rolling not to sell, but to use as an upgrade." Two other people from my server roll need, and the other two pass. I lose them to the warrior tank, who later puts them on the AH for 150g.
 Warrior - you're a douche.

Back to today... I get into another pug for Mara on my priest (healer). The tank tells everyone to jump down instead of killing about four mobs on the way down - except the warlock and the hunter both do not dismiss their pets, so we suddenly have EVERYTHING attacking us - even after fading, I die anyway. The tank starts calling the hunter a retard. I drop group after pointing out it wasn't only the hunter's mistake.
 To be fair, even I have pulled extra trash with my imp before. In fact, I wiped a Heroic OK run that way. I didn't realize there was a pathing set of mobs at the bottom of the stairs. Whoops. But more than anything, if you don't tell people these things, you cannot get pissed at them when this happens. Because ultimately it is now your fault for making the call to skip mobs. I've started to remind pet-class characters to dismiss their pets when we take such shortcuts. Someone needs to.

Before that, the same thing happens to me in another group, where the tank tells us to all jump and the hunter forgets or doesn't know to dismiss her pet. A rogue goes "BRB" without even finishing the mob we MEANT to pull, and we suddenly have a ton of mobs on us from the pet's aggro. I eventually die, and it looks like the group won't wipe because almost everything is dead... the two dps that were still there (the rogue is still afk in the middle of a ton of dead bodies) both die after me, but the pally tank survives. The dps release - and she makes it a point to rez them first and rezzing me last, perhaps because I didn't release? Then I say, "We probably should've told the hunter to release her pet." And she replies, "Oh well, it happens."
Because ressing your healer last is a great idea.

Last story - again today, in Mara, on my priest. We've got this mage with us who isn't doing much of anything either. During the second or third pull, she starts this conversation that I must get you the exact language for, because it's too funny:
Mage: does any1 wanna leroy jenkins?!
Tank: that a quuest?
Mage: no
Dps:  ?
Tank:  wtf is ittt
Dps:  its an achievement
Mage:  it where ou yell LEROY JENNNKIINNNSSSS then every beast or bad guy in the room comes after you
Dps#2:  Its not in this instance
Mage:  ok then
Dps#1:  Its in blackrock depths
Dps#1: i think

So after the mage asks us to do that, and we tell her it's "not in this instance" - She does a couple other funny things - like, she gets aggro and runs around in a circle behind me for a few minutes before screaming HELP

Then right before the last trash pull or two before Viletongue, the tank seems to lag or maybe dc for a moment - at any rate, he's standing still in a pile of dead imps.  The mage, who has done maybe 20k damage while everyone else was 50k+ starts saying "COMON"

And...I lose the cloth belt to her.  
 The last bit is just proof the RNG does not reward good behavior. I'm convinced.

Monday, July 19, 2010

On the Upside

On the upside, after the complete fail-fest with Soulmonger-Antonidas and Tranthvia-Wyrmrest Accord, I managed to participate in a couple of rather exceptional PUGs. 

At first, myself and my healing friend were entered into Halls of Lightning. There was trepidation, given our previous experience, and when the paladin tank was producing very low DPS, and seemed to be a bit squishy, we wondered if it was a case of someone coming in to fake-tank in their Ret or Holy gear. (This has happened before.)

It turns out that the tank instead was very newly 80 and largely in blue and quest gear. She was def capped and doing everything she ought to do. What made the whole situation exceptional is that she still managed to hold aggro against people who out-geared her by about 50-70 item levels per piece of gear. She also was VERY familiar with how to work the pulls. (If you've ever been in HoL with a tank who has never experienced it, you know how many ways the trash pulls can go wrong.)

So, a big cheers to

Sideris of the US-Nazgrel realm

You did a fantastic job at tanking, against odds that were stacked against you. Despite a big gear gap between yourself and your DPS, none of us died and you did a wonderful job of managing it all. Any group that gets you as their tank is fortunate, and one day you'll make a guild very happy, I'm sure!

Another kudos goes to Umee of the US-Shandris realm. She had a very bad run prior to ending up in a random group with 4 Wyrmrest'ians (only three of us queue'd together!) and our H-VH went very smoothly, despite the doubts that her previous bad experiences had fostered.

Is 400dps POSSIBLE on a level 80 DK? Yes.

Call it an aligning of the planets, or something that was bound to happen, but for the first time... I left a PUG.

Soulmonger "the Patient", from the US-Antonidas realm

How he got the title "the Patient", I will never know. He phoned it in for this random Oculus (that's right, I left and gave up my shot at the blue drake that I want so badly - it was that awful). His Armory Page lists his BASIC damage per second at 498.9  He was pulling about 400dps in the dungeon.

There were a few pauses in the run, where we discover that the tank is "so popular, lol" that her MSN is interfering with her ability to actually ... tank. At first, that's no big deal, right? Right. Until we get to the first boss. I get through about the third rotation of spells and suddenly I have aggro. Aggro that a soul-shatter doesn't dump. To remind everyone, Soul Shatter dumps my threat on ALL targets within 50 yards by 50%. For easily 5 seconds after that, I still had steady aggro, and subsequently died. The tank, instead of doing her job, maybe taunting, or doing ANY kind of direct (holy) damage to the boss was apparently on her IM, and took the time to type:

A tip for

Tranthvia of the guild Supremacy, from the US-Wyrmrest Accord realm

- turn of your effing instant messenger if you are going to tank a PUG.